Using Other Schema Languages

$Id: schemaLanguages.html,v 1.1 2002/09/26 17:06:42 Bear Exp $

Supported Languages

All the schema languages supported by Sun Multi-Schema Validator are supported. Specifically,

  1. XML DTD
  2. W3C XML Schema
  3. RELAX Core
  4. RELAX Namespace
  5. TREX


it is very difficult to translate a schema from one language to another while strictly preserving all the constraints. As such, although Bali can compile schemas written in other languages, it cannot correctly enforce all the constraints mandated by each schema language.

Here are the list of limitations. W3C XML Schema might have other problems that I'm not aware of.

  1. XML DTD (stable)
  2. W3C XML Schema (use it with caution)
  3. RELAX Core / RELAX Namespace (stable)
  4. TREX (stable)